Those last days, no way in wrapping it pretty or pretending otherwise: Rafa is dead. It was 8:00pm and me Ma were heading out the hospital. our father didn’t even come and visit us. We got home and Ma covered her face with her hands and quietly started crying. I took her room. As she […]

Someone trying to get revenge on someone

Macbeth act 1 scene 1 First witch: when will we all meet again? Will we meet at the thunder, rain, or lightning ? Second witch: when they’re done, when the battle is lost or won. Third witch: that will be ere set of sun. First witch: where the place? Second witch: up on the heath. […]

DEAR DIARY I am writing to you to show you how dangerous the fight was.

This is so scary I don’t feel like being here anymore I’m so that I cant even move. So many people are dying I just cant go on in this battle almost all of my men us dead because of me. I don’t think were are going to win this battle. Half of our people […]

A good SIFI story must contain good interesting facts. Also a good SIFI story must contain figurative language like “He could feel it on his hand,still,like a soft paw.” Although a good SIFI story must contain good punctuation and It must be describe the setting or else the reader won’t find it interesting.  

I think I should get the genre badge because I’ve picked figurative language. For example he uses similes like “he could feel it in on his neck,still,like a hot paw. Also he describes the setting In the story. Fo example “George, I wish you’d look at the nursery.” This is why I think I should […]

One day there was a person called Mike. It was the 1st of September and mike was excited in going to school but anxious at the same time. mike arrived to school and entered the gates and saw over four hundred people playing in the playground. I Entered my first lesson and the whole class was silent.There […]

Reeve makes an effective character because there is two sides of him. he can be a terrifying monster or he can be a normal person.on the other hand he is so terrifying that he has green glowing eyes and razor-sharp claws. he also has scratch marks all over his face. he so ugly that he […]

One day my family and I went to the park to have some fresh air and then that’s when I thought of the sweet prank. So when my brother wasn’t  I quickly emptied the chocolate and I replaced it with a rock about the same size of the chocolate. Then after that I gave it […]